The Roofs for Solar Work Process

When hiring a subcontractor we:

Request an insurance certificate and make sure that your company is listed as additional insured.

Request an indemnification clause from the subcontractors insurer.

Verify the Subcontractor follows all local building codes.

Request a copy of the subcontractor’s Declarations Page for their insurance. Roofing insurance and incidental roofing insurance are two different insurances. Make sure that if you are hiring a roofing contractor that they are insured for roofing. This goes for other trades as well.

Verify the adequacy of the subcontractor's insurance.

Verify they are OSHA compliant.

Hold tool box talks and document them at least once a week. Have all employees sign in and hand out OSHA handouts to employees.

Implement if you haven’t already a company safety manual.

Insurance 101 - We ask the tough questions

As part of our consulting package, we will do all of this for you.

The importance of roofing insurance