About Us

Roofs for Solar is a combined effort of roofing and solar experts to solve the problems inherent with installing residential solar.

We offer Roofing as a Service (RaaS) to help you take control of your roofing needs. RaaS is a turnkey software-enabled service that gives you control of the roofing element of your sale with minimal risk and no upfront expense to cost.

We provide a Roofing Academy with a complete curriculum designed to give your team the knowledge base they need to diagnose roofing issues, the ability to recommend basic solutions and discuss them with the homeowner.

Take Control of Your Roofing Sale

We have experienced countless issues and concerns related to the “intersection” of solar and roofing in residential housing.

These experiences resulted in us developing an educational and consulting company to allow solar companies to “take control” of their roofing sales!

We will tell you what you need to do

We will show you how

We will do it for you. No money out of pocket

When people have roofs that can safely and successfully handle solar, everybody wins!

Working on another concept

We are the General Manager of the roofing division We will build your roofing division and run it for you


Gina Farese

Gina Farese

Gina's New York-based roofing company is an Owens Corning® Platinum roofer. Over the last six years, she has developed into the premier roofing partner for solar companies in the Long Island area, opening a solar installation division in 2020 focused mainly on the repair and service of solar systems installed over “subpar” roofing.

Jeffry Peterson

Jeffry Peterson

Jeff is a process expert and has applied his skills to solar companies over the last seven years. This skill set has been applied to Roofs for Solar, allowing for a fully developed roofing process that can be applied to any residential solar company across the US.

Luis Sabillon

Luis Sabillon

Luis has an extensive background in civil engineering, finance, and construction. His expertise in estimating and project management, as well as job costing, has helped many contractors achieve success in the construction and roofing industry for over 5 years.